First post: Explorers of structure

From the imaginative back cover:

In the far north of Scandinavia a group of architects are doing their best to not get lost -not in the arctic mountains or the deep fjords, but in the land of vast architecture frameworks, rapid value streams and deep technical depths.


They are enterprise architects, mapping the public health enterprise of the region, and this is a story about the adventures they encounter while paving the way to the Community of Practice*.


In less poetical words:

Here you will find short notes from real world successes and challenges in building an enterprise architecture community of practice. The enterprise is the hospitals, IT and management organizations within the public health administration of northern Norway**.

I will be posting here from selected sites of interest along the road, so be sure to bookmark Moments of Structure if you’re into applied enterprise architecture!

// Niklas Falk-Andersson

* Between the Plateau of Visible Structure and the Forest of Silos. (Sorry.. couldn’t resist)

** The public health service in Norway is split into 4 regional administration sites. “Helse Nord”, in the north, has 14.000 employees.