This blog contains personal opinions and reflections belonging to me, Niklas Falk-Andersson, and must not be interpreted as statements affiliated with my employer.

Here you will find short notes from moments of real world successes and failures in building an enterprise architecture community of practice. The enterprise is the hospitals, IT and management organizations within the public health administration of northern Norway.

The practice described here is developed as a collaborative effort of a team of architects and their management.

All results referred to here with respect to the practice is an outcome of this team effort and is attributed to the team and the managers directly involved. Exceptions will be noted.

I might occasionally invite someone who can actually write to contribute. If so, I will make sure it is clear who the author is.

About me

I have been working in public health since 2002 in both research, innovation and implementation projects and I am currently employed as enterprise architect with special focus on business process modeling. My academic foundation is in computer science, system development and visual communication.

I have a M. Sc. degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University, Sweden, and a few industry relevant courses and certifications. See updated profile on LinkedIn

I have co-authored a chapter in the book Requirements Engineering for Digital Health at Springer and have contributed to a few science articles within the Telemedicine and eHealth field.

I am responsible for the integrity of the enterprise architecture subject area and profession for my employer and engage in national standardization activities on these topics. Specifically I lead the national network for business process architecture and modeling, Fagnettverk for prosessarkitektur.

I am employed at Helse Nord IKT in the regional public health administration, Helse Nord, in north Norway, and live above the polar circle in Tromsø.

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